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WhyFeature?: B-Lovee, The Face Of Bronx Drill

It seems like everything hip-hip begins in the Bronx.

The birth of rap began here 49 years ago, and over the last five decades, we’ve seen a myriad of stars come up from this New York project. Rappers like Fat Joe, Cardi B, A Boogie, and Remy Ma all came out of this neighborhood and made a name for themselves, and now the next star from the Bronx is popping out with an entirely new sound.

“I am Bronx Drill, we really just started this sound probably 2 years ago.”

Bronx Drill is just another form of Drill music which has been dominating the charts and the news. Drill music has made waves because of its popularity but also its vulgarity. Just last month at Rolling Loud New York, NYPD banned multiple drill rappers from performing at the festival. This follows a trend of rappers getting arrested because prosecutors have been using their lyrics as evidence, which has started an entirely different conversation in the legal world with Governors starting to ban lyrics as evidence.

What is Bronx Drill exactly? If you’re unfamiliar with the music, it’s probably because you didn’t even know you heard it. Cardi B remixed fellow Bronx artist Kay Flock’s 'Shake It' back in April and made it arguably the biggest Bronx Drill song of the year with over 40 million plays on YouTube already. If 'Shake It' doesn’t ring a bell, My Everything definitely will.

B-Lovee released My Everything early in 2021 and the song quickly started buzzing in New York. It started getting played a lot in all the Bronx clubs, and a TikTok dance followed soon after which would blow the song up across the world.

“I don’t know how it started or who started the dance, but I’m glad it happened. It put me in a great place. People kept sending TikTok’s to my phone and it just kept getting bigger every day.”

Once the dance went viral, it took over social media. All the biggest influencers hopped on the trend, including Jayda Cheaves, Skai Jackson, and Coco Jones. Even little kids hopped on the trend! The song had it all; it was catchy, it went viral, and Mary J. Blige had a part in that.

“I grew up on Mary J. Blige funny enough so when I was in the stu and heard the sample, I recognized it immediately! Like my mom played this song growing up, I honestly made this song for my mom.”

B-Lovee said the song leaked which forced him to put it out, and the rest was history. B-Lovee since has been racking up millions of plays on Youtube, touring all across the country, and even inspiring other artists across the world to make drill music.

“Yeah I’ve seen Central Cee and other drill rappers in London, and I feel they got influenced the same way we did. They see something they liked and tried it with their own spin. I’m always happy to influence someone to become something bigger in life.”

And now, all that’s on B-Lovee’s mind is becoming the biggest artist out of the Bronx. He has a couple of projects on the way, including a collab album with his friend Kay Flock, and he recently did his first U.K. drill feature with bubbling artist JnR Choi. He also told EBONY which artist would be his dream feature.

“If I could get a verse from any artist, it would definitely be Post Malone. That joint ‘White Iverson’ is still one of my favorites, we need to make something like that!”

As his career continues to grow, he knows that’s his way of #MovingBlackForward.

“I Move Black Forward by being successful. I’m not into the politics like that, but I’m all for my people. I put on for my neighborhood and I love inspiring the kids to be better and do positive things.”

B-Lovee sees himself as a Top 5 rapper in New York already, and he has a good argument to be there.

A couple more hits like My Everything and IYKYK, and it will be undeniable!


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