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Drip Season 3 Review

In Atlanta, no other artist has a bigger love fest going on currently than Gunna. The 24-year-old rapper has been making music for less than two years, but that's all it took for him to start buzzing. Gunna made waves on the scene with his 'Drip or Drown' mixtape last year that was EP'd by Wheezy. Add in the Young Thug cosign, follow that up with smash verses on songs like 'Mind On A Millie' and his guest feature on Kap G's 'Marvelous Day', and it's no surprise why the city loves him. Now Gunna has returned with his latest, 'Drip Season 3,' the tape that will put him on to the whole world.

'Drip Season 3' begins with 'Helluva Price.' Opening the tape with a Metro Boomin' beat never hurts, especially because Gunna rips all 2 minutes of it. He showcases the unique flow and voice on this track, a perfect intro to new Gunna fans. A song dedicated to the theme of the album follows next in 'Drippin.' Gunna's indeed drippin', and he has no problems letting you know that. "I took that drip to the palace, that drip you couldn't even imagine, this drip, it gon' make me a legend."

The next two songs have some of the best features on the album. 'Almighty' which features Hoodrich Pablo Juan is up first, and both rappers are flexing. Gunna opens up the verse with a designer-laden verse, "Oh, H 'round my waist, I'm back rocking Hermes/ Givenchy Air Forces, they cost me a bag/ I rock a show, give some racks to my man" Not to be outdone, Pablo Juan rips his verse too while flexing equally as hard, "I roll up backwood and gelato/ I'm rocking Valentino with the red bottoms/ Givenchy stars got me fucking a model."

'At The Hotel' is might be the best song on the tape and it features Lil Uzi Vert and Young Jordan. Gunna handles choruses duties and the first verse. Lil Uzi Vert follows in next and surprisingly drops bars in one of his better rapping verses. The last verse belongs to newcomer Young Jordan, and he rips it. His sing-song style fits perfectly along Gunna and Uzi's.

Other standout tracks? 'Pedestrian,' 'Lies About You' featuring Lil Durk, 'Car Sick' featuring NAV & Metro Boomin', 'Oh Okay' featuring Young Thug and Lil Baby, 'Top Off,' 'Money Don't Change You,' and 'Drip Or Drown Remix' featuring Lil Yachty.

'Pedestrian' is all about why Gunna can't be regular. He got on his grind, and since then he hasn't been stressing.

'Car Sick' finds Gunna and NAV trading verses about their drip over a Metro beat, and it's absolute fire.

'Drip Or Drown Remix' features Lil Yachty putting his take on Gunna's biggest hit of 2017 and he doesn't disappoint.

'Money Don't Change You' is my favorite song on the tape because we see a different Gunna. He's on his singing shit, and surprisingly it works. Gunna's versatility is shown here.

One listen of 'Drip Season 3,' and it's easy to see why Gunna is on the rise. The tape is flooded with some of the biggest names in the game like Lil Uzi Vert, Young Thug, and NAV. He has a different, unique style, one reminiscent of his label head, Young Thug, and he showcases it on joints like 'Top Off' and 'King Kong.' His ability to harmonize and own choruses is on display with songs like 'Money Don't Change You' and ' At The Hotel.' And if you want bars, Gunna gives you that on 'Drippin' and 'Almighty.' 'Drip Season 3' proved Gunna has all the sauce right now and the rest of the country will soon take notice. It might be too late for XXL Cover 2018, but a spot on the 2019 Freshman List is all but secured already.

They do say the third time is the charm.

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