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Super Bowl 52 Preview

The Super Bowl is finally here. Hello!

And for Super Bowl 52, we're in for a treat. We're getting the team everybody knew would be here vs. the team nobody outside of Philly believed could get here. It's no surprise that the Patriots are back in the Bowl, it was expected heading into the season. The real surprise is the Eagles. Nobody thought they would win a game in the playoffs, let alone make it to the Super Bowl after the Carson Wentz injury. But here they are, the matchup is set, so let's get into it.

The Case For The Eagles

The Philadelphia Eagles are coming in as the underdogs, but that's nothing new. The Eagles are the first number one seed to be a Las Vegas underdog in each of their playoff games, but they've looked nothing like underdogs this postseason and that's because of their defense. The Eagles were 4th in points allowed this season spearheaded by their number 1 rush defense. Since Week 15, they haven't allowed a team to score more than 10 points on them, something they hope to repeat tonight. The defense will show up, but for them to win this game, Nick Foles will have to be GREAT, something he has been this postseason. We have to stop disrespecting Foles. He's a starting QB in this league who just happens to be a backup, and the NFC Championship proved it. The question is can he do it again on the biggest stage of them all?

Eagles X-Factor: The Defensive Line

Nick Foles will have to be great for the Eagles to have a chance to win, but that won't even matter if the defense doesn't show up, more specifically, the D-Line. Brady and the Patriots can match any team touchdown for touchdown; you will rarely ever outscore the Pats. The key to beating them is putting a beating on Tom Brady, and that'll rest all on the D-Lines' shoulders. Chris Long, Fletcher Cox, and the rest of the line must be in Brady's face all night long. Sacks, knockdowns, even a couple late hits if necessary, they must not let Brady get comfortable. The book is out on Brady, rough him up and get him out of his element, like Von Miller and the Broncos did several years ago or like the Falcons did in the first three-quarters of the Super Bowl last year, and the Super Bowl will go home with the underdogs.

The Case For The Patriots

Do I even have to get into this? The Patriots are the definition of a true dynasty. It also doesn't hurt that the Patriots have the greatest coach and the greatest quarterback ever to play. The Pats dominated this season on both sides of the ball. They had the second-best offense in the league, averaging 28.6 points per game, only behind the Los Angeles Rams. Their defense wasn't far behind either, only allowing 18.5 points per game, good enough for fifth in the league, right behind their Super Bowl opponents. The most significant case for the Patriots is their experience. They've done this before, they've been here before. This is their third Super Bowl in four years, the Patriots know what it takes to get the job done, the question is will they be able to do it and repeat?

Patriots X-Factor: Tom Brady

Like always for the Patriots, the Super Bowl will be decided by Brady. The GOAT. TB12. The only man to beat father time(so far). And now we can address him by a new name, MVP. Brady won the NFL MVP last night, and now he gets to prove he is the MVP on the biggest stage once again. Tom Brady just needs to be Tom Brady to pull out this Super Bowl. Keep the mistakes and turnovers to a minimum and take advantage of every drive, not just the ones that happen when he's down 28-3. He's the most clutch QB in the league, maybe ever, if the game hangs in the balance, I'm not picking anybody over Brady.

So who wins?


The Eagles are the underdogs, but they are going to prove why they shouldn't have been. The Eagles have a vicious defense, and I believe they will show up. This game will be hell on earth for Brady who will struggle to get clean looks against this defense. On top of that, I believe Foles will have a great game. He's going to play himself into a starting position next year. But I'm a firm believer in history repeating itself. Let's go back to Eagles last Super Bowl in 2004. They finished the season 13-3 like they did this year. They beat the Falcons and Vikings on their way to the Super Bowl, just like they did this year. And their Super Bowl opponent? Tom Brady and the defending champion Patriots, just like it is this year. Tom Brady has seen this exact story before, only 14 years apart. And believe the result will be the same. The Patriots will be down most of the game but will have the opportunity for a game-winning drive. And like I said earlier, I've seen too much to ever go against Brady again. He will deliver on the game-winning drive, ultimately delivering him his sixth ring.

24-21 Patriots

Super Bowl MVP: Tom Brady


Do you agree or disagree with my Super Bowl pick? Tweet me @_WhyToby and debate with me!

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