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Man Of The Year

Finally, the media got something right.

This morning, GQ Magazine announced their cover stars for their Men Of The Year issues, and rightfully so, the Citizen Of The Year is Colin Kaepernick.

This is huge.

For Kaepernick .

For GQ.

And most importantly, for his cause.

Now, GQ has shined a light so bright on it, that it can no longer be ignored. And more importantly, they did it the right way.

Do y'all remember Sports Illustrated disgusting attempt at social consciousness?

How the hell do you have a cover for sports and social activism, and not put the man who started the whole conversation on it?

The cover spoke for itself. That was SI's failed attempt at undermining everything Kaepernick has done and sacrificed.

Roger Goodell on the cover? Over Kap?

Really? That shit is jokes.

That's why I'm so happy GQ did what they did. They've had a magnificent 2017 with their magazine cover choices and cover stories.

and they capped it off perfectly.

The best thing about this cover story is that Kaepernick's silence says it all. He's not quoted in his cover story once. Instead, he let's other people's views on his movement paint the story, and it came out better than anything Kaepernick could've said himself.

One rapper's quote was particularly telling.

"You're talking about a guy in his athletic prime, who's lived his whole life dreaming about playing football...But then, at some point in time, he becomes conscious about what's happening in the world. And suddenly something that he's been doing blindly for his whole feels uncomfortable. Why? Because now it feels phony!" J.Cole said.

"Man, how can I stand for this thing when this country is not holding itself true to the principles it says it stands for? And look what happens to him. Had he not done that, this guy would be making millions of dollars right now. Period, point blank. He sacrificed his dream."

He gave up everything.

Because he stood up for something important to him.

He wants to bring attention to the unfair treatment of colored citizens and people of color of this country. And he used as an American of a way to do that. He used his right to protest peacefully.

And the NFL, the president, and unfortunately, the media has hijacked that and turned it into things it never was.

"He's disrespecting the veterans."

"He's the reason the NFL's ratings are down."

"He's unAmerican."

"He's the reason Papa John's not selling."

They talk about every damn thing.

Except for the real issue.

The actual issue Kaepernick protested.

And that's why GQ's fire.

They told Kaepernick's real story.

And without Kaepernick having to say a word, everything about him and what he's done over the past year is said.

There's no doubt Colin Kaepernick is the Citizen Of The Year. No man in our generation has done more to push the race conversation than him.

Thank you and congrats Kap. Hopefully, the race conversation is one the next generation doesn't have to have.

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