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The Bigger Artist Review

Not many new artists can say they had a bigger 2017 than A Boogie. He made the XXL Freshman Cover, dropped a smash EP, and got his first platinum plaque. To cap off 2017, A Boogie dropped his debut album 'The Bigger Artist,' but is he truly a bigger artist?

'The Bigger Artist' opens up with a lyrical display on 'No Promises.' Anybody that doubted A Boogie's rapping ability is quickly silenced as he rolls through a three-minute verse about being famous and successful and all that comes with it, guaranteeing no promises in this life.

The next track is 'Undefeated,' and A Boogie continues to talk that shit. "Nobody's catching up to me/ I'm like, "Can I get some company," A Boogie sings on the chorus, challenging his rap peers to get on his level. He also gives us a quick verse before 21 Savage rips his. "Fuck yo' nigga, he a bum, strippers picking up the crumbs/Hundreds in my pocket, you would think that I had beef with ones," 21 spits on his verse, providing one of the stronger features on the album.

The biggest hit of his career follows next in the platinum single 'Drowning.' Whenever the beat is laced with piano keys is when A Boogie is at his best and this song is no different. 'Drowning' finds A Boogie rapping about all his jewelry and literally how he's drowning because of it. Kodak Black adds a braggadocios guest feature of his own which is almost as fire as the music video he should've been in.

'Say A' might just be the best song on the entire tape. When Ness and A Boogie link up, it's always flames and 'Say A' is just more proof. The beat was crafted perfectly for Boogie and floats all over it. The first verse he raps about taking niggas' girls and how easily he makes money nowadays, but it's the second verse where he leaves his mark. He begins with the quotable of album, "When they see me now, they'd better have that same energy," but he doesn't catch his groove until halfway through. "Free my nigga V12, holla if you see 12/ Febreeze, believe me, it'll cover the weed smell/ I probably got three mill, sitting in my email/ So much on me, they second guessing what we sell," A Boogie raps, showcasing the signature flow that's made him into the star he is today.

Other standout tracks? 'Unhappy,' 'Let's Start Over,' 'F*****g & Kissing,' 'Bad Girl,' and 'Money Sprung.'

'Unhappy' and 'Let's Start Over' find A Boogie reminiscing. 'Unhappy' is about how A Boogie's lack of commitment left one of his old flames not in the happiest state. On 'Let's Start Over' A Boogie ponders starting back up an old fling, definitely one of the stronger cuts.

'Money Sprung' features Don Q and both rappers trade verses about their love of money. It's also my favorite song on the album.

'The Bigger Artist' proved to the world that A Boogie is indeed a bigger artist. He's shown tremendous growth in his artistry in just a little bit over a year. He proved he does have bars with tracks like 'No Promises.' He kept his old fans happy by staying true to the piano keys and himself on joints like ' Say A' and 'Unhappy.' He even showed he could hold his own alongside the biggest names in the game on 'F*****g & Kissing' and 'Bad Girl.' Among his peers, the 2017 XXL Freshman Class, A Boogie dropped the most complete project, and to be able to say that over names like Playboi Carti and XXXtentacion, it's undeniable he's The Bigger Artist.

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