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'The Bigger Artist'

A Boogie's official debut is here.

'The Bigger Artist' is A Boogie's debut album and follows up his EP 'TBA' and his debut mixtape 'Artist.'

'Artist' was the project that exposed A Boogie to the world. Hits like 'My Shit,' 'Jungle,' and 'Friendzone' were undeniable. He coupled that mixtape tape with fire singles like 'I'm Not A Regular Person' and his platinum smash 'Drowning' featuring Kodak Black.

He followed that up with 'TBA' which had fire songs like 'Timeless' and 'Macaroni,' and made the XXL cover.

Off first listen to the album, 'No Promises,' 'Unhappy,' 'Money Sprung' featuring Don Q are all fire.

'The Bigger Artist' album review will be available on WhyToby? later this week

Stream 'The Bigger Artist' right here.


For all thoughts on the album until the album review, follow WhyToby? on twitter @_WhyToby

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