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No more Bullshit for Wade

Dwyane Wade is a Chicago Bull no longer.

Last night Wade's buyout became official, making him a free agent just in time for the start of training camp. This comes as no surprise, Dwyane Wade's homecoming didn't go as as smoothly as he probably thought it would. The team wasn't that good, there was locker room drama between players, and the relationship between players and management was just as drama filled. The last straw was the trade of Jimmy Butler.

With his closest friend on the team gone and the Bulls clearly looking to rebuild, the buyout was inevitable. Wade agreed to give back eight million out of his 23 million dollar deal to make the buyout work. He had some final words for his hometown too.

The question is where will Wade take his talents now, and he has no shortage of suitors. Reports state that the Cavs, Spurs, and Miami are in front to land Wade, but a new team has forced themselves into the picture.

With the acquisition of Melo, one of Wade's closest friends, the Thunder have a very real chance of signing him. Rumors say Melo and Paul George have already started recruiting and have a "pretty good" chance of getting him.

Where will he go? WhyToby?

I think he'll end up in Cleveland. The lure of playing with his best friend again and playing in another NBA Finals will be too much for Wade to ignore.

Where do you think Wade will end up and why? Tweet WhyToby? @_WhyToby

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