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The "B" Word

It's downright ridiculous at this point, better yet said, disgraceful. We've went through an entire off-season, the free agency period, training camp, and now the preseason has begun, and Colin Kaepernick is still without an NFL job.

Kaepernick is three years removed from playing in a Super Bowl. He was a starter in this league until last season. He's never been in any trouble, never been suspended or arrested, and yet this man cannot find a job in the league?

Yes, I understand Kaepernick is not what he used to be. He only completed 59 percent of his passes last season and only won one game out of the 11 he started. Those are not starter numbers and only adds to the notion he isn't a starting quarterback in the NFL. One could argue that there are 32 quarterbacks better than Kaepernick.

But there's no way in hell that there are 64.

And I know for damn sure there isn't 96.

And that's where the issue arises. Kaepernick not having a job is deeper than his on field performance, because if that were the sole factor he would at least be a backup, worst case a third stringer. The NFL has a hidden agenda, and if it wasn't clear before, it was made crystal with the recent signing of Jay Cutler.

The Miami Dolphins were in immediate need of a quarterback following an ACL injury to their incumbent, Ryan Tannehill. It looked like the football gods were shining on Kaepernick, it was the perfect scenario. Finally, it looked like Kaepernick was going to get signed.

But no.

Instead, the Dolphins organization felt the best option for their team would be a newly retired, injury-prone Cutler, who hasn't seen a football field since he was cut by the Chicago Bears back in March. He was about to become a football analyst at Fox for goodness sake.


For Kaepernick, it's been the same old story, regardless of the team. Whether it's the Dolphins, or the Seahawks, or the Ravens, there is always somebody "better."

Like Josh Woodrum of the Ravens right? The arena league QB who's on his fifth team in 15 months.

Maybe Austin Davis or Trevone Boykin, the backups for the Seahawks? Two QB's who couldn't hold a candle to Kaepernick playing in the perfect system for Kaepernick.

Or maybe one of the other plus 20 quarterbacks who have received contracts this off-season because NFL owners believe for one reason or another that they are "better" than Kaepernick.

No, the owners are using the wrong "b" word in this situation. These quarterbacks are not better than Kaepernick, Kaepernick is just being blackballed.

Plain and simple.

The NFL hated Kaepernick's protest and found the perfect way to make sure it never happens again.

By making sure the face of it never receives an NFL paycheck ever again.

Kaepernick will be alright, regardless of if he plays another down in the NFL. He should be commended for his actions, becoming the first modern day athlete to make the ultimate sacrifice for what he believes in.

He may have cost himself a few millions and maybe ultimately his career, but the NFL cost themselves their reputation.

And depending on what happens with Kaepernick, it might never recover.


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